Leann M Gioia - Dancer
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Long Elegant Lines - Extensive Dance Training - Strong Performance Experience


About Me:

My interest in dance started at age 4 when I took my first dance class at the Beth Fowler School of Dance, then just a tiny studio in my hometown of Marengo, IL. I only took the class because I was at a stage in my life where I was trying everything in an attempt to find a hobby, or a physical activity that interested me. I experimented with softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming- sports that I could have been great at. But only one "hobby" kept my interest from the very first lesson I had, and that was dance. Through all my failed attempts at catching, hitting, kicking, and throwing various objects for these sports, I continued to return to the dance studio because what I enjoy most is using my own body as my instrument- as my medium not only to experience life but to share it, and the way I see it, with others. This is what quickly took dance from my "hobby" to my choice for what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

I was born on January 7, 1992, and, as I mentioned, started dancing at the age of 4 at the Beth Fowler School of Dance, now located in Genoa, IL. Here, I trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and pointe. At age 11, I switched to training at the Judith Svalander School of Ballet where I broadened my technique to include modern and character dance. After graduating high school, I attended the University of Iowa where I obtained my BFA in Dance and BA in English. While at the University of Iowa, I was proud to have been able to work with various choreographers such as Jennifer Muller and Nicholas Leichter. I was also a part of Dancers in Company, a company in the dance department that travels and performs in various communities. I was a member of this in their 2013 season, participating as a dancer and a driver for our tours . As part of my training, I also attended summer intensives such as ABT Austin (2008), Joffrey Ballet Chicago (2009 and 2012), and Alonzo King Lines Ballet Summer Intensive (2013). 

For a long time, I was planning to audition for classical ballet companies, with a dream to perform in famous classical ballets. However, after experiencing so many types of dance and being able to explore with choreography at the University of Iowa, I am interested in experiencing many types of performance techniques, from ballet and improvisation, to singing and acting. I have an open and accepting attitude and am always eager to try new things and contribute to the process when asked. My strong trainging in ballet and extensive experience with other techniques such as modern and pointe give me a varied set of skills and a confident foundation on which to build and use for performance.